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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the series of the Handheld game consoles developed and manufactured by Nintendo the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DSi was released in Japan last November 1, 2008 and is scheduled for release in Australia on April 2, 2009, Europe on April 3, 2009 and North America on April 5, 2009. It comes with Black and Blue.

The main feature of the Nintendo DSi is its Dual Camera which the character "i" in Nintendo DSi is stands for, which is representing an "eye" and also the subject "I" and its personal individuality. As the console's official slogan "What will you and i do?"

New features

  • An SD Card Slot is added as an external storage for pictures, downloaded software and AAC audio.
  • A Built-in Audio Player which also serves as a voice recorder and music player for AAC audio, but sorry guys it does not support MP3s. You can also adjust the pitch, playback and add filters to the aforementioned audio.
  • And using the Internal Microphone, you can also save and modify using the built in Audio player of up to eighteen ten-second sound clips from voice recordings then apply them to songs.
  • Your Photos taken using the Nintendo DSi can also be synced to the Wii's Photo Channel.
  • It also features the Nintend DSi Shop, similar to the Wii Shop Channel you can also connect to an online store where you can download DSiWare games and applications.Each Nintendo DSi that will accesses the DSi Shop prior to March 2010 will receive 1,000 Nintendo Points.The applications will either be free, or cost 200, 500, or 800+ (marked with a 'Premium' tag) Nintendo Points. The DSi Shop was launched with the DSi Browser, a web browser available for free download.

Technical specifications

Nintendo DSi was released with few technical details regarding the specific model. It has also has an improved hardware (compared to the DS Lite), such as the main CPU and the RAM.

CPUs: The main CPU is an ARM processor clocked at 133 MHz.
RAM: 16 MB of RAM (four times more than previous models)
Storage: 256 MB of internal Flash memory
Wireless: 802.11 internal wireless connectivity


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